Friday, March 9, 2012

Setting a Goal

So I've thought a lot throughout this journey about setting a goal. For me, the main issue is health. I want to be proud when I go to the doctor, not cry when they confront me about my weight (that even happened once when I went in with an ear infection). So being a size [whatever] is a nice perk, but not my goal.

But I think it's important to have something to aim for. I'm the type of person that needs to see numbers and statistics. I would make excel graphs all day if I could. But that's me. So having a set number as my goal is important to me.

My number is 159. According to most of the research I've done it's the very top of the "normal range" for my height (5'7). It's also not far off from the Weight Watchers goal weight they gave me in high school (158). It would make my BMI about 29.9. Now I know BMI is controversial in a number of ways. It basically only takes into account height and weight and doesn't necessarily equate with overall health.  There are tons of BMI calculators on the web, so take your pick- but my personal suggestion is to try a few and pick a number in between if you're getting differing results

Now I also want to say, when I reach 159, that doesn't mean I'm calling it quits. I think that's something important to remember. Whenever I set a goal and reach it, I reassess and figure out what my new goal is. Maybe it'll be maintaining, but I'll have to make that decision when I get there. I just want to get out of the unhealthy ranges.

Goals don't have to be numbers. Sometimes goals are achievements. One of mine was to go into a store and be able to just shop in the regular section. Notwithstanding the stretchy XXL t-shirt in the regular section, cause that's totally a cheat. But be able to go in and try something unforgiving, like a pair of jeans. That happened for me in the fall. I went into an Old Navy. I was so self-conscious thinking people were looking at me wondering what I was doing shopping in the store. As some background, the last pair of jeans I had purchased were a size 24. So I nervously went and grabbed the largest size they had- a 20. They were too big. I contained my excitement and basically ran from the dressing room back to the shelf and grabbed an 18. They fit. I was wearing jeans that were not the biggest size in the store. I cried. Literally. I was standing in an Old Navy dressing room, in pants I didn't own, crying.

Now those jeans require a belt. So goals are different for everyone, but considering having not only numeric goals, but life goals too. What are your goals?

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