Weight Loss History

I've been overweight my whole life. I remember stepping onto a scale and weighing 86 pounds in kindergarten. That memory still sticks with me 20 years later. This is a journey that's been a long time coming.

Highest Weight: 316

06.29.11     313
07.22.11     300
08.09.11     285
09.12.11     275
11.19.11     265
01.25.11     255

Goal Weight: 159 (within the healthy weight range)


  1. Best of luck to you! You're very motivating! I wanted to send you a message on SparkPeople (username Sweetadelina) because we are the same age and have similar goals (to get healthy and become good at running). I'm currently 223 down from 237, but I've only been at this for a short time. Best wishes to you!

  2. Oh and we're also both grad students! Are you sure you're not me updating a blog in my sleep or something? :)