Thursday, October 4, 2012

They see me rollin… foam rollin that is

So I decided the other day to purchase a foam roller. I felt as though it was following me. Seriously, you know when you’ve hear about something new and then you hear about it everywhere? That’s what happened.

First my best friend was talking about the physical therapy she was getting on her knee and mentioned foam rollers. So after dinner that night I googled it, so I knew what she was talking about.

Then, while browsing my Flipboard, a Women’s Health article on foam rollers popped up, so I read it. And then one of my favorite bloggers/youtube health gurus, Sarahfit had a video on foam rollers on my recommended videos on youtube.

And from my initial googling a lot of sources said it was really helpful for lower back pain, and I have plenty of that. Being as overweight as I have been I’ve fared pretty well, but about 2.5 years ago I did something which seems to have resulted in something mimicking Sciatica. Well I’m pretty sure it is Sciatica (or so google has told me) but my doc didn’t seem terribly bothered and gave me a xerox of back exercises. Then again she didn’t say anything when I’d lost 75 pounds in less than a year, so whatevs.

So I bought one.

And it came in a massive box, from Amazon. As soon as I got it I wanted to figure out exactly what to do with it. So I watched some more videos and read some more articles and tried it out.

It’s pretty awesome/ feels like what I assume a massage would feel like (because I’ve never actually had one…). I only tried a few moves with it (mostly legs and back) but you can totally feel the stretching pretty deeply. I want to try some of the ab moves the article article from Women's Health I mentioned earlier. The only catch is my floor space is rather limited, so I have to be careful not to roll too far otherwise my head may intersect with a piece of furniture.

So if you’re looking for a new piece of quirky workout stuff, the foam roller definitely fits the bill.

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